Bethel Park was able to reduce downtime with a concrete break using U.S. Pipe TYTON Joint.

Water mains breaks are never convenient. They never happen at the “right” time, but in many cases there are worse  times for a water main to fail. In Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, a concrete pressure pipe water main failed over the Thanksgiving holiday. Water main breaks can be catastrophic, but occurring over a holiday can have an even greater impact.

Bethel Park is served by Pennsylvania American Water, and they needed to get the pipe repaired quickly and with something that would do the job without question. Several hundred residents were impacted by the water outage caused by the break, so the urgency was felt at all levels. 

Pennsylvania American Water contacted U.S. Pipe and it was a race to get this problem fixed right and fixed fast. Our team organized quickly and had a load of 48” TYTON JOINT® pipe loaded on a truck the same day with a special team of drivers to ensure overnight next-day delivery. The TYTON JOINT pipe is a push-on joint pipe that has been a reliable service provider for over 60 years. It’s been used in more ductile iron pipe projects than any other ductile iron pipe, so it was the perfect solution for Bethel Park. 

This particular load of TYTON JOINT was delivered promptly as needed, and service was able to be restored in the Bethel Park area with minimal downtime. Pennsylvania American Water Facilities and Inventory Supervisor Daniel Capalongo was a key point of contact during this failure mitigation, and it was his first time working with U.S. Pipe personally. He stated: “Thank you! I’m new to working with U.S. Pipe directly, but this really sets the standard with me on how you all operate. Very impressed and happy to do business with you.” 

This project is one of many that we are proud to do for our customers, and it gives us great satisfaction knowing that we can help keep water flowing all across the globe. At U.S. Pipe, we are committed to servicing your needs.