Durability, Longevity, and Reliability is why Coachella Valley chose U.S. Pipe

Selecting the right pipe for a project is a difficult task. In Indio California the Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) was tasked with a large infrastructure replacement project that required over 18,000 feet of pipe. The water district looked to U.S. Pipe ductile iron pipe for a variety of reasons. U.S. Pipe ductile iron provides longevity, it is earthquake resistant with restrained joints, there is no cyclic fatigue in ductile iron pipe, and the pipe has no temperature de-rating due to above ground reservoirs. 

CVWD wanted to be sure they had a pipe that would last so U.S. Pipe brought in our head corrosion expert, Mike Horton PE and NACE Certified Corrosion Specialist, to discuss the options available to ensure that Indio would have a long lasting pipe solution. In the discussions, Mr. Horton explained the benefits of Metallic Zinc Coating with V-bio. Metallic zinc coating provides a sacrificial cathodic protection for the pipe as the ductile iron pipe is lower on the galvanic series than zinc. In this case the zinc is more reactive and becomes the anode which sacrifices itself to protect the more noble ductile iron cathode. In doing so, if a scratch or area of damage occurs in the coating, a galvanic couple is created between the Iron and zinc and thus the exposed iron from damage is protected.

Combined with an enhanced Polywrap such as V-bio, the pipe is estimated to last well over 100 years. With the inner layer impregnated with a corrosion inhibitor and an anti-microbial, the enhanced polyethylene encasement creates a synergistic corrosion protection in that the zinc will protect the pipe in case of damage to the encasement. 

Knowing that the pipe would outlast the next generation of engineers is a comforting thing when designing a pipeline for water supply. Adding to it that our restrained joints provide a certain level of earthquake and seismic resistance is an added benefit in the California area. 

The ability of ductile iron to have such high yield strength in comparison to other materials allows ductile iron pipe to be resistant to cyclic fatigue. This water system utilizes many above ground reservoirs and temperature was also a consideration. Ductile iron pipe does not have a temperature de-rating so temperature fluctuation was of no concern.

The 18,000 feet of pipe in Indio was a clear choice for ductile iron pipe. The combination of the determination to support our customer with technical information and engineering support, along with a great product that sets the standard for ductile iron pipe, CVWD had a clear choice on who they wanted to partner with on this project, U.S. Pipe.