Emergency Repair, From Call to Delivery in 21 Hours


(Birmingham, AL)—Seldom does one encounter a product that was formed before the start of World War I. Longevity of that caliber is found in few materials, one of them being iron pipe. A cast iron water main near a major intersection in downtown Louisville, Kentucky had been installed in 1892. In December 2017, the 115-year-old main broke, forcing an emergency replacement. 

Core & Main, a vendor for the Louisville Water Company, received the call the morning of the break and contacted the team at U.S. Pipe to source replacement materials. The major transmission line was four feet in diameter. They required a comparable size and product for replacement. 

“We got the call at 10am on a Tuesday, and by 7am Wednesday we were onsite unloading the exact materials they needed,” said Michael Youree, Sales Manager, U.S. Pipe. “A 48” PC250 was the ideal replacement, so we initiated an emergency shipment of three pieces, including two that would need to be cut in the field.”

The U.S. Pipe regional manager, sales team, operations, customer service, shipping and office staff worked together to make sure Louisville Water received exactly what they needed, as quickly as possible.

“The end user’s immediate objective was to restore service to their customers as quickly as possible, so our goal was to help them do just that,” said Eric Haugseth, Marketing Manager, U.S. Pipe. “Providing fast, strategic solutions requires next-level responsiveness, and I’m proud of how our team responded that day."

Founded in 1899, U.S. Pipe, a Forterra company, is a leading manufacturer of ductile iron pipe products, fittings and joint restraints used in drinking water and wastewater systems. U.S. Pipe operates 20 manufacturing and fabrication facilities throughout North America. U.S. Pipe has a comprehensive product portfolio supported by strong brand recognition among customers through product innovation and a reputation for quality and service. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.