Fishers Indiana is booming, and U.S. Pipe is there to help.

March 2018 - Fishers Indiana is one of the most active and growing residential areas in the country right now. According to data it has nearly tripled in size in the past 15 years, and is ranked as the best place to live in America according to Money Magazine’s 2017 rankings.  With that substantial increase in population, Fishers has had to focus on their water and wastewater supply and infrastructure management.

Fishers Indiana U.S. Pipe Ductile Iron PIpeThe Fishers water treatment plant is undergoing a sizeable expansion and upgrade project that will allow it to manage the increase in population currently, and for years to come.  Over 14,000 feet of ductile iron pipe will be utilized for the Fishers Indiana water treatment plant upgrade. U.S. Pipe supplied ductile iron pipe will comprise of 30 inch and 36 inch pipes to handle the increase in demand. The pipes will include the signature TYTON® joint pipe, known for its simplicity and reliability, and TR FLEX® pipe, known for its restrained joint properties that also allow for deflection.

The pipes are lined with Protecto 401™ for applications in sewer and wastewater treatment. The protective coating will allow the pipe to withstand the rigorous chemical demands that can be placed on pipe serving sewer and waste water needs.  Upgrading the size and utilizing U.S. Pipe ductile iron pipe with Protecto 401 will ensure that Fishers’ new pipe will be ideal for the communities’ needs for decades to come.