Indiana American Water uses Ductile Iron Pipe with Zinc on Transmission Main

Link to News Article: Indiana American Water Spends 8.5 Million Transmission Main Project

In Gary, Indiana American Water (IAW) on Friday held a ground breaking ceremony to kick off phase two of a major transmission main replacement project that includes installing nearly two miles of 36-inch water main in Gary to replace an existing 20-inch water main that is nearly a century old. The project will enhance system flows, reliability and firefighting capabilities and will also mitigate occurrences of low system pressures and enable the company to avoid the cost of having to replace two existing below ground pump stations that are at the end of their useful life.

IAW is using 36" ductile iron pipe with metallic zinc coating from U.S. Pipe. They wanted to ensure their new transmission main was not only strong and reliable in providing a high flow of water with no head loss, but also to maximize it's lifespan to outperform the 100 year old pipe it replaces.