U.S. Pipe Engineer presents at Central NY Water

U.S. Pipe takes pride in providing industry-leading information and education around ductile iron pipe and the water works industry. Our Engineers travel around the world to speak at Lunch & Learns, Conferences, and private meetings to help answer questions, provide guidance and recommendations, and to address any concerns around future or ongoing projects.

Recently in Syracuse, our Sales Engineer Sean Lammerts PE, attended the Central New York Water Works Conference Fall Workshop. The workshop is a gathering of industry professionals to discuss various topics selected to further the waterworks industry. With nearly 200 operators, engineers, regulators, and others from the industry in attendance, Mr. Lammerts had a large and captive audience as he presented “Corrosion: Best Practices to Manage and Prevent this Uninvited Guest”.

With experience in the chemistry of corrosion, test methods, and prevention techniques, Mr. Lammerts travels the globe to provide clarity to this challenging topic. Topics included the basics of electrochemical, galvanic, and stray current corrosion and how they interact with products in the environment. The discussion then turned to how corrosion protection methodologies are developed and verified in the field. Through U.S. Pipe’s extensive testing along with the Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA) testing, our team of corrosion engineers has developed detailed analyses surrounding causes, effects, and various mitigation practices. 

The presentation then shifted towards those mitigation practices and the tools available to prevent corrosion. US Pipe is the industry leader in developing new pipe technology to ensure long lasting, maintenance free operation.  One of those products that was of particular interest to this group was metallic zinc coating, which can be applied to the pipe at the factory, and protects the pipe by acting as a sacrificial anode to protect against corrosion. Studies have shown that when combined with enhanced polyethylene encasement, like V-bio™, ductile iron pipe with metallic zinc coating will last for well over 100 years. 

As this group was full of informed and knowledgeable water professionals, they provided excellent discussions with direct and insightful questions.  Never one to shy away from a good discussion, the questions fueled in depth discussions on corrosion and best practices for water system design.  

We felt fortunate to be invited to such a well-attended event, and we look forward to future opportunities to bring our expertise in piping systems to the Central New York water works community.