U. S. Pipe Introduces Piping Systems for Unstable Soils

U. S. Pipe now manufactures TR-XTREME® Ductile Iron Pipe to complement other 

offerings in our product line to introduce Piping Systems for Unstable Soils.  TR-

XTREME, TR FLEX® Telescoping Sleeve and Fittings, XTRA®-FLEX Couplings and 

Fittings, and TR TELE FLEX® Couplings combine to create an entire system capable of 

withstanding extreme seismic events.  TR-XTREME has been tested and determined to 

survive over 99% of liquefaction-induced lateral ground strains measured by high-

resolution LiDAR after each of four major earthquakes during the recent Canterbury 

Earthquake Sequence (CES) in Christchurch, New Zealand.

To learn more about TR-XTREME and its capabilities in Piping Systems for Unstable 

Soils, download the information at http://www.uspipe.com/products/piping-systems-for-